Reconnect self, community, and nature by means of transformational 
consciousness technologies.


​RECONNECT Foundation is a non-profit organisation, based in Switzerland, with the mission to establish a novel approach to transformational and sustainable healthcare with a focus on mental health and holistic well-being.

We promote research and development of novel therapeutic approaches that facilitate transformational experiences and enhance psychological flexibility, mindfulness-related capabilities, and personal development.


The suboptimal efficacy of currently available drugs in mental health care points towards a large and unmet clinical need to investigate novel approaches to combine pharmacology and psychotherapy, and shift the paradigm from pharmacological substitution to transformation-based therapy.

​As a step towards creating evidence-based innovation in mental health, RECONNECT is currently supporting a multi-year clinical research programme at the University Hospital of Psychiatry in Zurich.


​Psychointegrative plants have been used in the context of ancestral medicinal traditions around the planet for centuries. Reconnect advocates the scientific investigation of the therapeutic potential of plant-based psychoactive compounds within a novel process-based transformational psychotherapy framework.

Our work is based on clinical evidence that the use of psychointegrative compounds in supportive settings facilitates rapid and sustainable relief from various mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress and addictive behaviors.


​​Many levels of today’s social and environmental problems share similar root causes: Individuals are disconnected from nature, other humans and even themselves on the level of individual consciousness.

Our values are based on the premise that ecosystemic consciousness and behaviour are the catalysers to evolve towards new paradigms of sustainable socio-environmental functioning. We are convinced that deep consciousness technologies, used in evidence-based therapeutic settings, have the potential to promote respectful and balanced relationships of healthy and connected individuals to other humans and nature.


​The team behind RECONNECT is a dedicated group of professionals from the domains of mental health care, neuroscience, pharmacology, social entrepreneurship and online community building. We are driven by the common vision to create an innovative, safe and efficacious healthcare system, which enables individuals to reconnect to themselves, their communities, and nature by means of transformational consciousness technologies.

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